2017-09-26 // UK brand treaclemoon launched at H&M Sweden and Norway

treaclemoons colourful and wonderful fragrant products create a happy mood and put a smile on your face. "Having fun is more beautiful!

treaclemoon, originally from the UK, was introduced for the first time in 2007 in the local UK market. Followed by successful launches in Germany and the Netherlands in 2013. The brands growth in Europe has been significant making it the largest brand of its genre.

treaclemoon has a wide range of body care products (shower gel, shower foam, hand cream, hand wash, body scrub, body lotion and body butter) with many different fragrances.

Brand Square holds exclusive distributor rights for treaclemoon in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The brand was launched successfully in autumn 2017 in these markets at H&M. Available at, Kronans Apotek and Apotek Hjärtat.

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