2019-04-25 //

All natural Canadian hair care brand mistik launched in Sweden and Norway in 2018

Mistik’s hair care products are 100% natural and made in Montreal with inspiration derived from Native American natural hair care rituals. The shampoos clean efficiently but mildly, due to the replacement of sulphates with yucca. The conditioners nourish with rich botanical oils and hydrates hair and scalp. After a few weeks the hair is detoxed and the result will be glossy, strong hair that can breathe easily again.

If your hair need some extra rich treatment add Oléo touck oil in your conditioner or use Mistik’s award winning hair serum: Hydro Serum. It’s a hydration treatment for lasting softness, control, and shine. Formulated for all hair types, non-oily and all natural ingredients with UV + heat-protection.  


Make Mistik the inspiration behind your basic hair care routineand use the true gifts of nature, these generous botanicals are now yours to discover in their purest form.

All of Mistiks products are with 100% natural ingredients, vegan and completly biodegredable.

Available at Lyko and Apotek Hjärtat.


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